Red Cedar Zen Membership Form

Please join us!

We invite you to join us in creating a supportive community dedicated to mindfulness and peacefulness and sharing this vision through Soto Zen practice and the on-going existence of Red Cedar Dharma Hall in downtown Bellingham. For additional information about the benefits of membership, please see About Membership. To become a member, renew your membership, or submit a change related to your membership, please complete the following form.

To check on your current membership status, login to the main website (you should see your profile page after you login. If not, click your name near the top of the page).

Alternatively, you can download and print a paper form (in PDF).

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New or Renewing Member

IMPORTANT Note re. PayPal Subscriptions: If you are paying with a PayPal subscription and changing your donation level, this form will submit a new PayPal subscription on the new amount. However, you must login to PayPal to cancel the old subscription.

Monthly or Annual Payment?
Membership Level — I will contribute:

Note: Anyone wishing to be a member but unable to make a financial contribution at this time, please speak with our Spiritual Director, Tim. It is not our intention to turn away anyone who is sincerely committed to zen practice.

I will pay my contribution as follows: allows you to pay securely by credit card or directly from your checking account. Your membership will be complete as soon as payment has been received from PayPal. PayPal also allows automatic monthly payments.
Most banks & credit unions have free bill paying systems that will mail a check to Red Cedar Zen monthly. You need to initiate this at your bank giving them Red Cedar Zen's P.O. Box address to mail the checks to.
WECU members can schedule free monthly transfers from their account to Red Cedar Zen's account.
Mail your check to Red Cedar Zen Community or drop checks or cash with your name into the mail slot in the Red Cedar Dharma Hall lobby.

Depending on the payment method you select, additional instructions will be provided after you submit this form.

PayPal Recurring Payments

If using PayPal, please check the applicable box below regarding payments:

Not applicable as I am not paying with PayPal
I will have PayPal automatically repeat my payments and renew my membership (PayPal will make your monthly payment automatically)
I am making a single payment only with PayPal. (PayPal will make only your initial monthly or annual payment. No additional payments will occur unless you re-submit this form selecting Yes above.
Sangha Directory

Sangha members receive a directory that includes contact information for other sangha members. Would you like to be included?

If yes, please include only:
Volunteer Participation

To maintain our building and programs, we rely on our members for their voluntary help. Please indicate your interest in one or more of the following work groups (details, tasks, and work group members are listed on the Red Cedar Zen Workgroups web page.

— maintains our building
— cares for gardens at the Dharma Hall
— manages the Dharma Hall Library
— supports our members, tracks and processes memberships
— tracks and reports on finances, budgets, and banking
— coordinates our Annual Fund Drive in August
— maintains our website, software, and devices; trains members in their use
— works with the Interfaith Coalition to support homeless families in Whatcom County
— maintain the zendo and coordinate programs (e.g., planning, organization, food)
— take on one of the ceremonial roles during zazen or zen service (e.g., timekeeper, liturgist)
— I have other ways I'd like to help (specify below)

By pressing Submit, your information from this form will be sent to the membership coordinator, and you will be sent to a new page for secure on-line payment instructions.

Thank you very much. We look forward to practicing with you.